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We offer a wide range of ceramic formers, an essential tool for the latex dipping industry to produce gloves, ballons, breathing bags, finger cots and other latex dipping products. MediCeram formers can be tailored to suit individual customers’ requirements.

Types of Products

Examination Glove Formers

Surgical Glove Formers

Household Glove Formers

Industrial Glove Formers

Types of Former’s Surface



Spray On

Sand Blast


Characteristic Properties of
MediCeram Formers

High thermal shock resistance due to:

– High mechanical strength
– Low thermal expansion coefficent
– High thermal conductivity
– Uniform by using fully automated casting line

High resistance to cleaning agents

High resistance to commonly used cleaning agents in rubber glove industry as more crystal phases are formed in the former’s body

Minimal air bubble formation

Designed to minimize air bubble formation at the interface of ceramic body and latex finger

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