Our factory machines


Raw Material PreparationThe technical team sources the best raw materials from around the world, and subjects it to stringent quality control checks in our lab before processing it for production


Casting Formers’ bodies are cast to ensure uniform thickness by carefully monitoring thixotropy to set optimal casting time


Finishing and Surface TreatmentEach formers are individually inspected before firing, and treated to remove any surface imperfections.

Different surface textures are formed to the requirement of each customer

FiringFiring is crucial in achieving good quality hi-tech formers. All our kilns are from our suppliers in Germany, and have electronic monitoring systems to ensure consistent high temperature firing

This ensures complete crystal formation in the body

InspectionEach former is inspected to ensure it meets our stringent quality control standards before being released to customers

Visual inspection through magnifying glass to identify imperfections on body surface

Research & Development

We work together with customers on new development
We QA all raw materials to ensure quality and consistency
We continuously improve our ceramic properties with a rigorous focus on R&D

Our factory system

Manpower Development
• We have over 200 people working under one roof, and we see it as our responsibility that each one of them gains skills and confidence with every day he or she spends with the company

• We provide regular training and on the job refresher courses to enhance this
Health & Safety
• We treat health and safety as a priority, which drives our approach to business

• We emphasize that health and safety should never be compromised, whether at work or at home
• We strive to provide the best quality products, combining performance and value

• We stay ahead of the competition by constantly innovating based on the needs of our customers and market demand

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